A short introduction into "Within Whispers" main character. This is Aska. Young nurse, who dares to do everything that man would think twice at the beginning of 20. century. She takes risks most of the time, fearlessly, and she is a brave and courageous young girl in the middle of the Great War, and all of that because she is trying to figure out her brother's disappearance and find him. Felix, her brother, is everything she has, and Aska will do everything that takes to find him. With a little help of her special "gift" which is seeing and communicating with ghosts, she begins her investigation.
Felix is one of the main characters in "Within Whispers". He is one brave but very kind young man, who became a soldier during the Great War. Also, he is Aska's older brother who did everything he could to raise her, after the death of their parents. Felix was trying to be her brother, parent, and friend at the same time. But, everything changed in the middle of the war and after Felix disappears.